Local Government


Government agencies are constantly working to serve the people of the United States.The abundance of work, the high call volumes, and the overflow calls becomes stressful for agencies to handle each day. Local government call centers assist government agencies by handling all of their calls, answering overflow calls and maintaining high call volumes.

Service representatives handle government agencies routine calls and phone tasks, alleviating agencies from the stress caused by high call volumes. Live operators answer callers FAQ's and transfer more complex calls directly to the agencies professionals. Representatives provide clients with basic information, such as event schedules and office hours. Live operators take detailed and accurate messages and forward them to the agencies voice-mail, fax, or e-mail.

Local government call centers offer government agencies voice-mail and faxing services, designed to heighten production rates. Voice-mail services include individual inboxes for each agencies professionals and other important staff. Faxing services allow government agencies to save paper and reduce clutter caused by faxes and other paper documents. Faxing services allow call service representatives to convert incoming faxes to a PDF format and transfer them electronically through e-mail. This service gives agencies the option to print important faxes when needed and discard of any unnecessary faxes without wasting paper.

Call service representatives work 24 hours a day, answering government agencies calls during and after typical office hours. Local government call centers provide government agencies with emergency support services. Emergency support services  are available 24/7 with live operators prepared for emergency response. Government agencies are immediately notified about emergencies such as natural disasters, bomb threats, etc. Agencies that use our services notice an increase in their customer service ratings. Receptionists always answer phones professionally, in clear and friendly voices. Call service representatives assist callers in every way they are capable of, working non-stop to get the information the callers need.

All government agencies will benefit from using local government call centers. They are affordable on any agencies budget. Call today and speak to a call service representative for more information or to purchase a service package.